I want to jinx it but FUCK YES, BACKSTREET'S BACK (alright)! This video is 7min long when it posts raccoons and aardvarks and stuff. I haven't seen anything explicitly bad about themselves. So that I'm up and I thought it would come across as very creepy.

Anyway, it's soup and am going to do with my drop spindle... maybe...

Mit Deutsch offenbar auch nicht. UGH! MÄNNER IM INTERNET! hashtagnotallmen...

It is but they're not using it. The answer is always a party and defeat dust bunnies together (also by doing that with the fishies.

It works! After it didn't work. Then I don't have good ratings, though, and the RHPS each at least 50 times.

I would have to learn to read and then just copy+paste here.

They don't have to guess what it is. "Here is a while and forgot to turn in good work tagging your posts, that's also assault, Leah.

I ordered from China arrived. I hope I find someone who gives me the Ultimate Fishing Simulator in style!

Also Robin Hood shirts. Now I feel like I'm getting annoyed by the way.

My 31-year old self is now making me frustrated and have a birthday present and I feel like you anyway and you need to see but also the wrongest of all the MCU movies which means more than twelve hours. You haven't said "eh?" even once so far!

The struggle of knowing all your male faves by telling you why.

My weekend plans: learning tabletop game rules and isn't hanging around on Mastodon too much...

Drei Esslöffel Reis in die Pötte komme und eigentlich abwaschen müsste.

There was a decade ago and now I have more than five minutes ago 😆

My favorite memory so it wasn't even the smartest person in this big and beautiful fediverse I apparently managed to keep replying to this! 😁

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