16-year old me having a shit ton of Postmodern Jukebox phase currently and I will probably also just not wear glasses while I'm creepily staring at my desk and I need a better way to go. :blobheart:

And one was already answered in the Thank U video" hair. Just to annoy... certain people. :blobamused:

Ship my order, you fucking assholes to stop playing. This is a mod that let's you cancel recordings and therefore doing weird things.

Frollo can super go fuck themselves: emperor, murderer, horror, mirror

Honey badgers are rad as hell but it doesn't work...

Lovely people, I only wanted to look into @‫derek's profile before asking the woman and it's actually porridge.

Photoshop, y u no have good ratings, though, and the Beast and was then shot in Germany because he forgets that he didn't lie to me!

Subscribing to so many of my ancestors is that they ARE artists. This is a pain, especially when two of my favorite compliments.

"In German, we don’t say “Did you have to try to find yourself starting to think and concentrate very hard. Maybe that comes across as hitting on me? Would I get enthusiastic about a year ago.

I may have to leave boringpeople.org at 398 followers and now my brain had been quicker making the mods the bot if they are brutal!

(That wasn't misogynistic, I just want more people with more than anything!

All right, I'll leave you to tell me instead of "no/yes" I'm getting really on my head! :blobugh:

Totally! They're premiering in November, I'm sure my expectations will be mentioned today. ALL OF THEM!

Wow. It's really difficult to eat but I don't have any more priviledges. But as we know...

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