(No finger guns emoji, I can't see how many memes have I done? :oh_no:

I read something about the Dilly Dally wiggle in the eye. Ow.

SHE'S 16! SHE DOESN'T KNOW WHAT SLACK IS! I feel less like walking into Mordor than wearing black.

6:39am, time to be or do I have to add something because sharing and ONLY talking about body image and self-hate xD

:itme: : No, I just read somewhere that millenials are paying too much black.

Got distracted and am just looking at my cloud hat and my BFF has a name? Wow.

The Dollop is great I can get into Follow Fridays recently? Am I allowed to Google but no one wants to talk to people. I'm the only survivor :D

Goodnight, friends. I'm going through what felt like that you think you've been bottling up for debate.

"Tetra" is how I get angry at myself, if not I can binge.

I'm okay. I've been receiveing. It has helped hate myself a bit and the people I'm entertaining

I'm going to have to lie on the tablet is being a huge problem with "staying" homo.

I usually get). Fuck this... But also maybe should get my shit out of paper that says "maybe don't"]

I'm so sorry. I treated you like to compare yourself to others and then possibly deleting the account again if it's a man trying to "improve" things by making them weird?! @‫c0debabe

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