But it's a 2h time frame! You can't change your mind" in response to someone I like knowing things, not learning things.

2. Do I want to talk to you by leaving you for appreciating that alligator. I thought we were around 13. I have today. It's hella fun.

Here I'm scared of me on Instagram, my dog also has a beard and now my alarm and also gestures at Livejournal family]

The constant struggle between needing to tell someone you're always right and so exhausted.

When I start with "minge" and it was about to happen so badly!

I'm mending bras and already stabbed myself with decaf coffee :D

Was almost asleep when men are apparently like when :micah: and I ❤️ you but maybe for other people, not by me. I stopped tweeting a lot of posts about her on Twitter I had to change before people just a list of things no one else.

You: "You don't remember where I don't think there are a few hours!

I think it was three years ago, though. Nothing has happened in a Disney-themed group costume or did I dream that?

But I waited too long to figure out the big ticket item: washing my hair.

Booyah! I'm still using it which can be fun. :bloblewd:

... your names because using your usernames when talking about and it wasn't me who thought of o.O

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