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I finished a task and then took a short break and the world didn't end.

I just assume any reply to a Twitter crosspost will go unanswered. It's a black hole until proven otherwise.

more like the "fart" of the deal *ollies into a black hole*

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I watch one streamer that came over to Twitch from YouTube (YT is still her main platform) and the cringiest YouTube eboys follow her to Twitch. The kind that hop into a stream with 400+ viewers and try to get the streamer's attention and get her to personally say Hi or respond to some inane thing. :eyeroll:

a guy came and plowed my driveway. goes by the name of Dick Couture. life is full of surpr

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“Breaking political silence” is what privileged people do when the shit finally hits their fan too.

re: roommate gripe, tmi, sick 

re: roommate gripe, tmi, caps 

roommate gripe, tmi, caps 

@julia are you moved over to harpy.life? Do you need to turn off MBFC at some point?

This chip shop has some Rules.

1. Please do not move tables. Thank you!
2. ATTENTION, Please don't take a table until after you have ordered. Thank you :)
3. !STOP! Do not throw baskets, drink cups, or chowder bowls in trash. Thank you :)
4. PLEASE, Place baskets, drink cups & chowder bowls here ➡️
5. If you order food TO GO you must take it TO GO. NO EXCEPTIONS. Thank you
6. No substitutions
7. To Go is To Go, you may not bring your trash back in. No Outside Garbage.

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