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Okay, wer von euch mag Brettspiele und hat 20€ übrig, um den Tabletop Simulator zu kaufen?
Denn ich hab den jetzt und man kann da echt ALLES UNTER DER SONNE MIT SPIELEN! Spielt Siedler von Catan mit mir! Oder Risiko! Oder Rummikub! OderMensch Ärgere Dich Nicht! Oder D&D! Oder was auch immer!

Ich könnte momentan echt den ganzen Tag pennen. Aber nachts nicht, weil mein Gehirn doof ist und anfängt Überstunden zu schieben.

People have died? No problem.
They start burning a bunch of art? :pika:

Okay, der Hashtag wird sein für Toots, die auch zu Twitter gehen.

Thinking about closing @Julia as well. I could just put CWs on German toots here.

Throwback to that time :micah: made the mistake of letting me watch a livestream of him getting tattooed. :lewdjulia:

Is George Clooney only in movies where he has to "put a team of 16 men and one woman together" to do a heist?

Did they... get actual Germans to play the Germans? Because I can understand what they are saying and that is a once in a thousand movies kind of thing.

I get so, so uncomfortable when I see swastikas in American movies. Even if they're literally playing in WW2.

I need to hang out on this instance more often because I have the best emojis. :merman1: :boobplanet: :fastlove:

I need to maybe follow more people over here because right now my home timeline is only my 64 accounts and @minego.

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How does this account have 20 followers and only two of those are my alts? Are you people okay?

I wonder what people who see this username think about me at first glance.

This account name is too good to not use it. What do I dooo?

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