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Coolest christmas thing to do in the Netherlands: visit the Church in The Hague that is entering its 9th week of holding uninterrupted 24/7 church services to prevent the police from entering the building and deporting a refugee family.
The church always needs at least one visitor to legally be in service so a time like 5 AM is the very best moment to come show your solidarity.

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Remember, you can link and follow blogs inside mastodon by

Here is a real example (my still empty blog ^^) @jules

You can't see replies or faves from your #writeas account, so make sure to check/follow the toot/thread from your masto in case someone interacts with it.

#fediverseLove #blogsAreAlive :awesome:

I'm wrapping gifts (they were in a pile on a chair) and unearthed the LEGO package from :micah:. HNNNNG, I want to open it!


We also have a few new blobs. The theme is unintentional, I promise...
:blobsad: :blobsob: :blobupset: :blob_cry: :blobthump:

We have a new mascot image on this instance and I feel like this describes the admin (= meee) the best.

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Cis-Males just don't get it, Dating, Toxic Masculinity 

Photoshop, y u gotta be like this? I need to get my ~ART~ on.

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other ways mastodon is like a shakespearean comedy:
-everyone’s tryna fuck
-constantly making up words
-sometimes characters from the dramas make an appearance
-every instance goes through *basically* the same plotline
-it’s inevitably going to end in a marriage (im just assuming on this one)

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when you get so deep in your feelings you come out the other side

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I have to do some stuff from my to do list to earn arting time later but I donwanna.

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