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laptops are cool because they always feel like they're rapidly getting worse from the moment you first turn them on

Aw hell yeah! I've been blocked by a popular tooter.
I want to thank my parents and God for making this possible.

Today (November 19) is #InternationalMensDay. Men, please bookmark this toot so that you can refer to it on March 8!

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Thank you, Duolingo, for teaching :micah: "Der Bär trägt ihre Kleider." because that is definitely one of the most important German sentences.

i’ve compiled a list of meals that won’t upset your IBS:
- a single leaf
- two smaller leaves

What is this? I cleaned out my closet? And now I have? Space? :blobthinkingglare:

Now I can finally talk about my son :nuttgodd: without tagging him so he doesn't wake up to that shit every day. 😆

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I need a Mastalab alternative because it doesn't post my image descriptions.

The things one finds in the depths of one's closet.
New trend or a terrible idea? I feel like the hoodie ties the look together.

Aw man, this is a much better hat. I should've worn that while hanging out with :micah:
CW eye contact

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