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There we have the first two pages. The dots are birthdays.

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This is what I was laughing about last night. I don't understand why it has this option but I find it hilarious.

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It's International Vulture Awareness Day so please be aware of vultures, especially those that look like angry dragons with mustaches.

If you have a good picture (own, friend's, found online) that fits any of the following accounts you can contribute!
DM the bot the picture (it removes the handle), add a source, the species and an image description and after being approved by one of the mods the bot will add it to the queue.
It should look something like this (emojis and fun fact optional)

I know this is German but it gives you an idea where in you can turn off that it adds the photo URLs to the toot.

Legends say people wanted beaver testicles for medicine and the beavers were like "Not today, Satan" and chewed them off preemtively so they wouldn't get killed.

1. ❤️
2. Sometimes I decide to not post screenshots because transcribing is such a fucking pain! I can see like three words at a time. Mastodon is about 80% coders why is writing image descriptions still so shitty?
Also... it doesn't fit enough text...

This week's progress on the . All of today's I got done while learning about how Mormons are pretty not good.

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