Are you aware that "nazi" is an abbreviation for "national socialist" because that's how the first four letters of "Nationalsozialist" are pronounced and that they are therefore the same thing?

It appears that people have started using the long form in their bios and instance descriptions to throw people off, assuming they don't know. So I'm curious if that's a smart strategy.

@ckeen "National" doesn't sound the same in English and no one goes deep into German history outside of Germany so I guess I can understand how that might happen?

@Juju @ckeen I thought the zi came from so*zi*alist, but that makes more sense

@Juju and then there is socialist in the name so they have to be some kind of tanky


I knew Nazi's and national socialists were the same thing, but didn't realize that was because Nazi was just an abbreviation.

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