Do you laugh *regularly* when you're alone?
Like, you're watching a funny show, are you laughing? And I don't mean "I breathed out more forcefully than usual once during Grown Ups 2" I mean actually laughing and that being normal.

(I wish I had more poll options to factor in gender, continent of origin etc but I don't so here we are)

It would be great if this could be boosted for *optimal reach*.

Truly embarrassing that the first comedy I could think of was Grown Ups 2.

@Juju No; female, Wales. I can find something intensely funny on the inside but not respond outwardly much.

@welshpixie Interesting! I may do a follow up poll, maybe including neutotypical/neurodivergent too.

And like, same gender, same contintent but I do laugh so much when I'm alone :D

@Juju for what it's worth, mostly neurotypical but I do have anxiety. I do *sometimes* laugh aloud by myself, but usually it's with the kind of thing that might not really be that funny but catches you in a certain way and send you into hysterics :D

@Juju Just yesterday, I spent probably a half-hour rewatching the same clip and laughing till I could hardly breathe

@thraeryn That is the correct answer.
People who don't laugh who see this: don't @ me! 😆

@Juju Emoting isn't a social cue to throw away when there's no "social". It's experiencing emotion.

Tamping down on any of it because "no one's watching" is incredibly backward.

@Juju Absolutely; female, US. My most intense emotional reactions are always to media, and I will ugly cry or laugh hysterically regardless of who is around (or not)

@paeneultima YES! I don't suddenly not have feelings when there are no people around.
I laugh and cry a lot :D

@Juju I actually cry easier alone cos I get self-conscious about crying in front of people (a lot of baggage around crying = weakness that I'm still working through)

@sourcookie Yes! I also think I relaxed more when I got older. I had a whole "tough persona" when I was younger so laughing? Me? No way, not even when I was alone.

@Juju i would say yes but at a reduced rate in comparison to when other people are around.

@conatus Yes, same. I think it's normal to laugh more with people around but to not laugh at all when alone seems like such a sad existence. I would love to know the reasons, though. Maybe someone will comment.

Yes, female, europe. Actually I don't necessarily need input from outside to laugh. Quite often thinking is enough to laugh that hard that I have tears in my eyes 🙂 Sometimes I laugh very hard about stupid mishaps or so. But of course input from outside can also make me laugh very intensively 🙂

@Juju female, US/slight UK: I don't laugh at TV/movies alone

@Juju if I see/experience something funny sure. But I'd say I do that regular (thanks webcomics, streaming and social media) so yeah

@Juju We basically /never/ laugh, especially when we're with people but even when we're alone.

I think it's a defense thing.

@Juju Almost never. Female/US.

I'm autistic/ and have chronic pain (as well as pretty severe emotional dysregulation issues) and I think some of my not laughing is simply not feeling like performing every emotion I experience. It all feels like masking to me, and it's exhausting.

I am greatly more likely to cry while both alone and with others than I am to laugh, for whatever that's worth.

Yes, nb, Autistic & ADHD, Germany.
It didn't happen that much lately, though. I used to do that more often in the past, I think. yes, but a bit more when there's another person. But I let go of tears more easily if I'm alone 😅

Not quite alone, but once we were like three people in a big cinema and I screamed laughed for an entire crowd, I had no control

@Juju definitely, laughing is healthy. Things like Two Point Hospital make it easy too :meowgiggle:

"How are you? Going to pay?"

@Juju or the one that got me today: "Doctor patient confidentiality is not practiced in this hospital" :blobcatfearful:

@Juju i voted no, because i generally don't watch Comedy on my own. most Comedy makes me uncomfortable.

anyway, i do laugh out loud, even alone, when i'm caught off-guard by something funny.

@Juju woooooow really wasn't expecting that many "yes" :o

@Juju Whenever I'm alone! I put on something on TV, read something etc that are funny and laugh so hard that I end up in tears.

bullying, taking some of the comments under this too seriously 

not male, Germany

Because of adhd my emotional regulation is out of whack; I am either totally emotional or not at all. Because of bullying and bad parenting whenever I showed emotions in socially awkward ways during childhood, I tend to go in the direction of not at all. Depression also plays its part. I wish that was different.

Reading people replying to this poll that this is “backwards” and in other ways that suggest this is a choice and not a thing I struggle with every day hurts. I wish I could cry about that. However, I like that at least I’m aware of that feeling.

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@toni I feel like most people who replied were NT. I talked "offline" (not on Mastodon) with Justin yesterday and there were a bunch of reasons why he doesn't laugh. Like learning to not draw attention to himself. Also emotional dysregulation. I have that too since I have ADHD too and am 99% certain I'm also autistic. To me laughing when I'm alone means I'm actuall unmasking after being stoic and trying to "keep it together" for 30 years.

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@toni It's different for everyone, everyone experiences it differently. You're also AMAB, I'm sure showing any emotion at all is somewhat difficult with the way we raise people in this society. It's a complex topic.

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@Juju Yeah, that’s part of the reason for the bad parenting and bullying for sure. I’m working on it and I’m happy for you that you can unmask like that. I remember (mostly from stories my parents tell) that I was different as a child. Basically I learned as a teen that showing emotions will get me into trouble. 😔

So it is probably as usual a mix between neurodiversity (counting depression as this, too) and trauma.

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@toni I don't have a personality is what I'm realizing the more I learn about trauma, ADHD and autism. Everything's a trauma response or a symptom. :/

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@Juju I’m sure there’s a personality in the mix as well. What does personality mean anyway, the way our brain works and was formed during childhood are part of that anyway?

taking some of the comments too seriously 

@Juju I’m happy that I spoke up about it, I was worried you would see that as an attack or something.

We don't do polls but we absolutely love that you asked this question. Everyone ought to think about this, especially in light of particular social changes being acted upon.

So we boosted this, even if some followers don't do polls either.

Even just thinking about this is important.

Thanks again.

@Juju once in a while it will happen but not often, certainly not regularly. neurodivergent (ADHD/OCD/autism).

@Juju Not as much as when I'm around other people, but yes! Most things just make me exhale forcefully through my nose but there are definitely shows/movies/gifs that make me randomly scream-laugh by myself, which I realize must sound strange to the roommate/neighbours

@Juju i like laughing at stuff when i’m alone the most because i don’t have to think about how i look or sound i can just Enjoy

@Juju longtime canadian immigrant from hk back when it was unequivocally a british holding, amab and presenting as male in meatspace

pretty sure i laugh less when i'm around people than when alone

generally won't consciously hold back at parties and may go louder because everything is louder and i tend to mirror people

but that was in the Before Times and my people time is now 90% work and 10% in a small room with 1-2 people who definitely do not appreciate loud anything

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