@maloki I know, it's hilariously awful xD I hope I can get the final dye on it soon.

@Juju I know this is supposed to be awful, but :flan_stars:

@Juju I'm totally not envious. :blobneutral:

(Narrator: "She was totally envious.")

@Juju this looks like someone鈥檚 *intentional end state* for color, i am so impressed it鈥檚 *transitional* omg lol

@mood Maybe I should keep it like this for a while. I thought it looks horrible but apparently I'm in the minority about that which is really nice!

@Juju yeah, I'm with the bandwagon here: I have a few friends who complain when their dye is looking like this, and I always think it looks rad as hell.

@irrelefant Some clever wordplay combining Girls Just Want To Have Fun and blondes having more fun.

@Juju when i was coloring my hair, my craziest transitional stages were often beloved by friends and family, and I'd be grinding my teeth thinking "I'm not done!" That said, I'm liking the current colorway.

@raye I honestly don't understand this comment section because I look at it and think "This is awful, can't wait to put the *real* color on". Maybe it'll grow on me and I'm just looking at it this way because it's "wrong".

@Juju Every time I bleached my hair before putting on color, the entire world would try and tell me to just stop and leave it like that and be blonde. And that just looks so wrong on me, to me.

So I get your perspective on this.

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