@Juju so ridiculous, they completely botched their streaming rights transfer and now noone will pay for yet another service

@wolfie Three streaming services are enough. If it's not on Netflix, Prime or Disney I won't watch it. I don't pay for either of those, I pay for Dropout and Curiority Stream because Justin lets me use his but those are the big ones everyone has and that's enough. You can't pay 90 dollars/month to watch one show on each service.

@Juju same, I have prime mostly for the fast delivery so getting shows on there is a cool bonus, I pay for Netflix and borrow my brother's Disney, any more services is just no

@wolfie @Juju Interestingly enough, I'm actively avoiding the same exact three you mentioned for various ethical reasons. On the other hand I enjoy Paramount+ from my work and Hulu from a friend's shared account.

@hypolite @Juju those are both services not available outside the US

@wolfie Thanks for the precision, I didn't know, and if it wasn't clear, I'm not judging anyone on their streaming service choices, it was just interesting to me that I had no overlap with @Juju
@hypolite @Juju @wolfie But I guess the problem doesn't concern you either, so, um, well, yeah.
@wolfie @Juju @grin I'm not sure which problem you are talking about. I'm not concerned by the Star Trek move indeed, but I am concerned by the general split of the streaming services by publisher.
@hypolite @Juju @wolfie The one regarding a service you don't use in a country you don't live in.
@wolfie @Juju @grin Are you talking about Curiosity Stream and Dropout? We do share Netflix, Prime and Disney+ availability across continents, so I’m still not sure what your point is.
@hypolite @Juju @wolfie Quote from a Mr. Petovan:

Interestingly enough, I'm actively avoiding the same exact three you mentioned for various ethical reasons.

@wolfie @Juju @grin These three are available worldwide, I still don't understand your point and repeating my words at me won't help with that.
@hypolite @Juju @wolfie The post topic is that they are not

Discovery will be gone from all non-US/Canada regions

@grin @hypolite @wolfie I'm not entirely sure what exactly this argument is about but just to clarify: Netflix, Prime and Disney and international. Paramount isn't and that's where Discovery is moving to.

@Juju netflix set out to replace DVD rental, not improve it 😕

@Juju Remember when Stargate got its own streaming service for like… 1½ years?
The fact that that bombed should have been a warning…

@Juju I guess in the future there will be even more streaming services - which will lead to the problem that either you had to subscribe to a mass of services or that you simply pirate your stuff that you want to see.

Sadly it's the opposite to what the audio services are doing.
@Juju yeah, but why would you even want to pirate this? :comfywhatisthis:

@newt I don't know, I don't, but this was more general that Star Zrak specific.

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