I made a mistake and cancelled before tooting on @MastoSourcedPlaylist that it's over.
Sorry about that.
So I'm tooting it from here: due to constant harassment I have decided to stop doing the . I may do one from time to time here but there won't be a schedule anymore.

@Juju @MastoSourcedPlaylist I'm sorry you're getting constant harassment over what should be a fun thing (community-sourced themed playlists)

I hope the harassers get a fucking life! 😠

@Juju thank you for the time and effort you put in to keeping it going, I'm sorry that you were being harassed for it.

@Juju @MastoSourcedPlaylist I'm sorry to hear that, thank you for putting it together.

@Juju @MastoSourcedPlaylist

Thanks for doing it. I enjoyed it. It was fun thinking of songs that fit the theme.

@Juju @MastoSourcedPlaylist it's always sad to hear about a good thing in sad circumstances like those. Good job to you spending energy on such a cool proposition, and hell to those who are part of the problem ! Nowadays i almost always advocate for closed groups with selected people since lots of ppl can't behave u.u

@Juju @MastoSourcedPlaylist I'm sorry that in ended it this way but I totally understand your decision and hope your life will be kinder now

@Juju thank you for running the playlist, it's been fun!

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