What does "give me a minute" mean to you?

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"Hang on I want to pay attention but I can't right now I have [X] things _that I remember_ and I need to do at least 3 of them RIGHT NOW and yes that is my constant state and yes I will eventually have your thing in my 6 things I'm doing right now but oh crap sorry something broke talk soon"

@Juju from me, it means 'stop talking and let me put down what I was working on and process the request; if that looks like it'll take more than five minutes i'll get back to you with a better eta'.

@Juju it's literally something I say almost exclusively when i'm overwhelmed and cannot process in order to move forward unless the other party stops talking, at which point i tend to say it on repeat until they actually stop.

@Juju «I’m a bit busy right now, I’ll cone back to you when I’m not occupied»

That's a good way of describing what we mean. Was struggling with the fact that it could vary in duration for us.
But, it is dependent on what else we are doing as you describe.

@Juju A short time to finish what you're doing. Preferably it'd be under 60s, but shit happens, and travelling exists.

If someone says "Leaving in a minute" they pretty much mean "I sent this, got out of my chair, and am now putting shoes on and leaving the house"

@Juju "let me wrap up whatever I'm currently doing. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two, but I'll get to you when I can"


Of course, when it is my wife asking, I try VERY HARD to be ready in 30 seconds!


How I read it:

"Please be patient, I'll be ready shortly and there probably isn't enough time for you to get involved in a big task...."

Time is subjective unless you're actually watching the clock, and that's considered rude.

@Juju it's something like "I will be able to attend to this in the immediate future, whenever my brain manages to close its current loop to a sufficient degree".

@Juju I'll be there sometime between now and the heat death of the universe

@Juju yeah to me this means "i'm trying to downgrade this from a synchronous interaction to an asynchronous interaction"

@Juju it's contextual

"Give me a minute to get dressed" is different than "I'm coming, just give me a minute"

Usually ~3 or so minutes but it really depends on context

@Juju "let me just finish. May take a while, but you are free to watch"

@Juju I'm wondering if there is an age correlation here since more modern slang (I.e. "It's been a minute") seems to have a looser idea of what a minute means.

@Juju I'd say depends on context? Sometimes I use it with the intention of "60 seconds or less" but other times I mean it more generally. If someone says it to me in the wild I usually assume they mean longer than a minute though

@Juju If I say "give me a sec" then it means "I'll be there within the next 60 seconds"

@Juju @deletescape 14% of these people (current half hour votes) are either Gay or from South Florida, most likely both. I will not be taking criticism.

@Juju honestly? everywhere from moments to years. see: “i haven’t seen you in a minute” meaning years, and “that’ll take me a sec” meaning a few weeks. it’s very contextual and vulnerable to sarcasm 🤷‍♀️

@Juju "I need a minute to finish this. Then, I'll come over to you. (Probably this will take less than five minutes.)"

@Juju I know from irish folks the term 'now in a minute' which means an unspecified time into the future (or eternity) but definitely NOT now or soon.

@Juju "i have no idea how long it will take me. it is very likely short enough that i'm not willing to tell you to leave and come back/i will catch up with you later"

@Juju i think if its going to be five ‘give me five to wrap up’ is preferable but 0-3 are is acceptable variance for ‘gimme a minute’

@Juju I’m trying to finish something, I expect it to be done soon (2minutes-15min). Don’t bother me again please, I’ll poke you when I’m done.

@Juju answered 5 though I think it’s contextualish for me. If it’s something really time-related then I’d say “a couple min” to mean less than 5.

@Juju Typically I use it to mean "I need to finish this task I'm currently performing" so it's often a range of time between 1 and 10 minutes for me

@Juju give me a minute, in half an hour I'll be there right now

@Juju I intend to do this, and it may or may not be done some time eventually.

@Juju A literal minute. For longer durations, there's always "I'll get to it in a second."

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