Mastodon idea: There should be a box in your profile that you can check if you're super into FOSS and that you can leave unchecked if you're not and then other people can filter out fossbros and never ever have to deal with them ever again.

@wolfie @Juju I'd also add checkboxes for blockchain and libertarianism.

I would not be averse to having "FOSS" and "not FOSS" accounts 🙂

@Juju trick 'em! have a field: what's your fav floss license? and filter anyone not answering "huh?" 😄

@Juju But you have to understand! FOSS is all my life! I was born FOSS! My mom put me on git!! My genome is a sha256 hash of both my parents' encryption keys. Linus is my waifu!!!!!!

@narF I'm so sorry, that means we have to part ways forever and live your lives without each other. It will be hard but we can do it.

@Juju There's a very funny Mastodon person who post FOSS bait that's just surfing the line between too real and troll bait. To attract all the FOSS bros and mansplainerds and make them rage. Maybe you've seen her? It's so funny.

@narF I have not! Please tell me who it is, that sounds hilarious.

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