Dogs are allowed in the bed.
(Please boost, I want to see if my perception is correct or not)


Sorry I have to add one just for the Germans.

The Germans are confirming what I've been thinking all along: yeses from city kids and nos from rural kids.

Here are the results of the "dog on bed?" polls.
I'm surprised that there are that many yesses outside of the US and I'm also suprised that all answers are so close together. I'm not surprised that there were more yesses than nos inside the US.

The poll for Germans went exactly how I thought it would which is also interesting.

@GwenfarsGarden @moiety I disagree with that, no pets in the bedroom at all, but I'm also German. That seems to be the thing here.

@Juju @moiety I think our Freya would cry tears if we tried to keep her out. Or at least, scratch the door in.

@GwenfarsGarden @moiety This is why I will never have cats and quite frankly probably not even dogs, even though I love those.

@otatma @Juju Dorf is untranslatable.

I mean, the literal translation is village, but it means so much more culturally that can’t be translated.

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