Dogs are allowed in the bed.
(Please boost, I want to see if my perception is correct or not)

I need more poll options because I also need to know if the yeses are white people.

Sorry I have to add one just for the Germans.

The Germans are confirming what I've been thinking all along: yeses from city kids and nos from rural kids.

Here are the results of the "dog on bed?" polls.
I'm surprised that there are that many yesses outside of the US and I'm also suprised that all answers are so close together. I'm not surprised that there were more yesses than nos inside the US.

The poll for Germans went exactly how I thought it would which is also interesting.

Okay, last poll about this, I promise, and please boost this one as well.

Dogs are allowed on the bed.

@Juju for me is like dog is allowed in the bed as a treat. Not as a habit

@Juju We are a no, but the reason for the no is the white partner who tries to keep allergens down, and I'm not white and previously allowed dogs on the bed growing up. Had cats before getting together with partner, also were allowed on bet, but partner is allergic so no cats in life now.

@Juju This yes is a white person who grew up in the city.

I didn't let the dog on the bed for the first two and a half years but then I was really depressed this winter and needed snuggles.

When I move she won't be allowed on the bed anymore (she won't be able to get upstairs).

Yes, but only for now.

@redoak @Juju we've kind of settled on "the dog is allowed on my husband's side of the bed" but ... the dog has a limited understanding of this arrangement. (he's small at least and shorthair)

@GwenfarsGarden @moiety I disagree with that, no pets in the bedroom at all, but I'm also German. That seems to be the thing here.

@Juju @moiety I think our Freya would cry tears if we tried to keep her out. Or at least, scratch the door in.

@GwenfarsGarden @moiety This is why I will never have cats and quite frankly probably not even dogs, even though I love those.

@otatma @Juju Dorf is untranslatable.

I mean, the literal translation is village, but it means so much more culturally that can’t be translated.

@Juju Depends on the dog, depends on the people, depends on the bed, depends on the situation. Mine used to be in my bed all the time, now he never is. Both of these have been the best option in different circumstances.

I feel like I've just given the most bisexual answer to your question. :)

@Juju Kipper is allowed in the beds even when it's hot out because Kipper is very passive aggressive and will destroy something of the person's who is denying him bedtime cuddles. It's not a big deal, I don't mind Kipper except when he sits on my chest. 🤷

@Juju whether they are allowed on the bed or not should be determined by the behaviour and size of the individual dog, not the species. Little daschund who likes to burrow down and fall asleep on my thigh yes, giant labradoodle who leaps up and curb-stomps my tit no, little terrier who curls up on feet yes until he gets excited and races across my body at which point no, sleep on the floor you ass.

@Juju actually you know what yes by default but they can lose their bed privileges.

@Juju @vfrmedia my dog is big and will happily take up the whole bed if she was on it.

@Juju My family was a 'no dogs in the bed' family right up until we got a deaf Old English with (a completely understandable) separation anxiety issue. Since then, dogs have been allowed in my folks' bedroom, much to my chagrin.

@Juju I want the dog in the bed more! Taking naps and fighting over pillows (context: I have a bolster pillow for my back. My dog very wants to cuddle it and make a nest. This leads to playful one-upman-dogship) is something I miss. But she happily sleeps anywhere on the bed once we settle the pillow thing so it's nbd. Plus dirt doesn't stick to samoyeds so much, so that's not an issue.

(I always win the pillow contest mwehehe power of having thumbs! I sound weird)

@Juju I say no, but it's sort of complicated because when I first developed epilepsy I slept on the floor because injuries, and my dog that was very good at picking up seizures would lay beside me. He was a champ disability dog.
But I think that's....a very specific exception.


I do, but only after realizing:
1. It was a losing battle trying to keep them off.
2. Winter is brutal and my dogs have kept me from getting frostbite when we couldn't pay for heating oil.
3. Foot of the bed on a blanket is the only place allowed.

@Juju I allow dogs to be in couches but not on beds where I sleep in unless I own the dog which is totally different.

@Juju I am abstaining from voting bc I am severely allergic to dogs, but i am curious about the results

@metapianycist I'll post the screenshot shen it's done. It runs out in 9 hours.

@Juju No longer have a dog, but growing up, the dog was officially not allowed on the beds.

..that had no impact on whether the dog slept on the bed. He definitely did, though primarily mine, not my mom's.

@Juju Dogs no, cats and sharks yes (you couldn’t stop them anyway).

@Juju Sorry. 😅
I would let a dog up on top of the top bed covering. But I wouldn't let it in between the sheets.

@Juju I said Yes (anywhere else) BUT, our rule was ON the bed not IN the bed.

@Juju No (US American)

Cats are allowed on the bed, dog is not. Dog is only allowed on the couch by invitation.

Dog is also 60 pounds, so I wonder what the big dog/small dog breakdown would look like

@alpine_thistle Interesting. Now I'm additionally curious what it would look like if I just had said "pets" because all my mentions alre "cats yes, dogs no". and like... why? They are all horrible and disturb my slumber, why is there a distinction? :D

@Juju my cats are all seniors and aren't too disruptive once they get settled, and usually only one or two of them wants to be on the bed at any given time (I have 3). Also the cats are cleaner than the dog is lol

@alpine_thistle ALSO the breakdown between singles and couples would also be interesting. 🤔

@Juju When I'm visiting my fiance their dog WILL be on the bed regardless of our wishes. He is obstinately cuddly.

@Juju it strongly depends on the dog size for me. Small dogs are okay.

@Juju I can’t really answer this one, because I don’t actually have dogs; I was just answering the first one in the abstract, based on having a cat who is allowed on the bed. I think if I had a small dog, it would be allowed on my personal bed, but otherwise no. (I have a partner)

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