Justin: Did you watch The Killing?
Me: Yes. Wait. Is that the one with the guy from 50 Shades or the one with Kevin Bacon?
Justin: No, the one with Kevin Bacon is The Blacklist.
Me: No, actually that's the Following.
Justin: Right, the Blacklist is with James Spader. And the 50 Shades Guy is in...
Me: ... the Fall, yes. So is the Killing that Swedish one?
Justin: Yes.
Me: Wait no, I'm thinking of The Bridge... What was the question?

We have this exact conversation every three months.

@Juju The Killing is the one with Joel McTall&SkinnyGuy and the redhead lady. Hope this helps


@ItsJenNotGabby I obviously googled it after this conversation but I can't tell if I've watched it or if I just watched the Danish original!

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