Question for Gen X and younger: are y'all still ironing your clothes?

Unusual amount of Boomers on Mastodon. Or rather more than *I* was expecting.

This is fascinating and reassuring at the same time. Yay @ using irons only for crafting projects.

I only iron my shirts for work because they just look bad if I don't.
I don't see a reason for ironing anything else


"still?" That would imply... I ironed them once...

I did have a pants press once.

@Truck My parents forced me so I was assuming everyone's parents forced them :D

@Juju yep me too, and when me and my partner lived with her parents her mum would iron our stuff. We don't even own an iron now

@Juju we hang our clothes up on hangers and let them dry iron themselves.

@Juju Now you made me answer just to see how many boomers there are 🤦‍♀️😉😊

@Juju i refuse to allow wrinkle-free clothing to have been invented for nothing

@Juju I only used to for special occasions but i'm gonna have to start soon because ~*office job*~

@Juju I iron uniform! And the occasional shirt, but mostly I love that I can wear scrubs...

@Juju I hasten to add that the shirt will be for a special/formal occasion if I don't want to wear a dress

@Juju I would never. For the few months I had a job where I would occasionally need dress shirts, I bought wrinkle free ones.

The iron and ironing board are for crafting only.

@Juju I said “on special occasions” but the “special occasion” is usually “this wrinkle is BOTHERING ME”

I love ironing! I wish I had more clothes to iron? That’s weird haha

@anjum @Juju clearly he doesn’t smear anti-aging cream on his testies.

@Juju I grew up having to iron my uniform for school and I hated every second of it, I own a steamer to remove wrinkles and avoid clothing where I'd have to maintain a crisp fold or pleat

@Juju i did iron greenscreen cloth, but i never owned clothes that need ironing, so no on that

@ItsJenNotGabby @Juju doesn't spraying something with fabreeze and throwing it back in the dryer count?

@phillyis @Juju no, but if you count that you can up my last ironing occurrence as 2019 lmao

@ItsJenNotGabby @phillyis I haven't ironed clothes in at least ten years. Unless ironing fabric before cutting it counts. I did that last week. 😆

@Juju @ItsJenNotGabby I think I did for my buddy's wedding when I officiated a few years back but I can't say for sure

@Juju I have an iron that I haven't used that I got exclusively for crafts.

I know I should iron for special occasions but fuck that.

@Juju it's wild to remember how many things my grandma ironed... Like underwear and all the bed sheets etc. EVERYTHING... Like whhhhyyy. Was it boredom or just insane fear or getting judged for unironed knickers?!

@Virelai Probably the judgment, yes. Wow, I remember having to iron socks. WHY?!

@Virelai @Juju my grandma would also "Mangel" a lot of stuff, like bedsheets. Now my mother has one as well. I only ironed shirts and stopped doing that a well a whole ago apart from work shirts when I'm going to a customer or suits for special occasions.

@sandzwerg @Virelai I'm so glad I asked this because I was feeling like a failure for never ironing anything but turns out 90% of us are not ironing regularly or at all.

@Juju my mum still irons everything. I don't. I simply don't buy clothes that need ironing.

@Juju I only have a few shirts that need it do I end up breaking out my iron, like, once a year

@Juju @Yuvalne lmao no the iron is for crafting projects wtf would u even use it on clothes for

@Juju I hesitated on what to answer, I iron my clothes on the special occation that I'm sewing them. It's their birthday 🪡😊

@Juju only hankys here, and that when I'm feeling fancy. I *do* own an iron though

@Juju i know how, i miss it. I miss owning the kind of clothes you iron. I miss natural fabrics. Not enough to go hunt them down as contrary fashion.

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