As you've learned by now @PostMasterGeneral has decided to stop doing the :emergency: and I'm taking over.
A lot of people participating were Justin's mutuals, many of whom were not following me. I don't want anyone to be forced suffer through my awful toots just for this project so I have created an account only for the playlist: @MastoSourcedPlaylist.


I will be tooting out the prompt on Wednesdays and boosting it several times throughout the day and then assemble the playlist on Thursdays.
Sending 35+ individual people a DM seems like a lot of work, so this is more efficient. This way, anyone who sees the prompt can participate and I don't send out DMs to people who have other things going on that week.
If you have ideas for playlist themes you can DM them to that account as well.
I look forward to running this fun project with your help!

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