Looks like is trending because Disney fired an antisemitic racist. Hm. 🤔


Now give Olyphant's Mandalorian character his own spin-off show and I'll be the happiest boy in the world.

@PostMasterGeneral Thankfully I'm not a jealous person or your Timothy Olyphant obsession would keep me up at night. 😆

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral maybe his wife and he are open for a polycule type situation.

@moiety @PostMasterGeneral I'm not, though. But I would understand Justin leaving me for Timothy Olyphant, I can't compete with that. I don't look that good in cowboy hats.

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral I’ll hold off commenting any further until I see you in a cowboy hat.

@Juju I haven't seen the news, but I'm guessing Carano? She's also a transphobe of high order, so, yeah, bye-bye.

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