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Homer Simpson sitting in a bath labeled as "a completely unaggressive statement".
Bart standing behind him with a chair over his head about to hit Homer labeled "people who spend all their time in insular internet communities where "constantly being unnecessarily hostile and combative towards strangers" is considered a personality.

@Juju lots of times i'm friends with the bart people and I'm like

@olivia @Juju same I'm also often friends with the bart people. Lately I've taken to being like "what the hell" at them because I'm tired of normalizing shitty behavior.

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And the chair should be labeled, "Bad or deliberately incompetent moderation, because site owners have decided that what matters most in their 'community' is hits and traffic, not actually furthering constructive dialogue."

@xenophora @Juju I'm just here for the money that running a community could bring in 😜

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