Well, I guess we're gonna do this again.

The Snake Post Office Post Volume 2 is now accepting submissions.

I'll post more details and pin them, but for now:

Please boost

Submissions to The Snake Post Office Post Volume 2 are open.

We're accepting art of all sorts - drawings, sketches, paintings, pictures, poems, short-fiction, stories, jokes - seriously, pretty much anything that can go into a zine. If you have questions, just ask.

Submissions can be sent to Quixote171 (at) gmail. Please use the Subject line "TSPOP VOL2" so I don't lose it.

No hard deadline at the moment. A lot of people missed the first one, so I'm going to leave this one open for longer.

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@PostMasterGeneral neat! I'll see if I can contribute something. Where can I take a look at volume 1?

@PostMasterGeneral I just skimmed through it and OH MY GLOB IT'S SO CUTE!!

@Juju @PostMasterGeneral They are!! I really want a sticker set of them 😍

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