@Juju I hear you there. My wife used to do cross-stitch, but it definitely takes up a lot of time. My ex got super into knitting, and it basically took over her life for awhile, too, but that can be fun.

@greyor I do all of those things plus crochet and sewing but I have basically no time to REALLY do them.

@Juju ahhh yeah, that's no fun. I find it harder and harder to manage my time as I get older, so it's difficult to make time for everything (and everyone!) you love at times.

@Juju Me too! And I have so much other stuff I need to do more urgently I feel like I can't justify starting a new fun project.

@Juju Yes! Ever since rona started I've thought it would be cool to do one of "home is where you can touch your face", but alas, I have to prioritize staying employed

@Juju That's how I feel about drawing.

Though with all the Bob Ross I've been watching lately, I really want to pick up painting. Because I totally have the time for another hobby. 🙄

@allenstenhaus I actually ordered some fabric and I'm right this second trying to find a pattern to do. :D I'm going to make time. I can't just work and sleep.

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