Me reading AITA: "So there's a trend of women asking their boyfriends if they'd kiss them for $100 or the hottest person they know for $1000 just to get mad when the dudes say "you for 100" instead of "you for 1100"? That seems like a really shitty, manipulative thing to do."
Me trying to prove no one ever would even think of that as an option:

@Juju Relationship litmus tests can go to hell imo

@zigg Right? I might have been miffed if he had said "I'll take the 1000" and I fully expected him to say "I'll take the 100". I would've never gotten mad at him for picking one of the options that I'VE GIVEN HIM!

@InvaderXan TikTok (and social media in general) is makign people have very unrealistic expectations of what relationships are like and what is "right".

@Juju This is the same kinds of toxic relationship nonsense where women joke about going through their partner’s phone when they’re not looking. Glorifying manipulative stalker behaviour is really not ok, like, just ugh

@InvaderXan Yeah "joking". This also seems like it's cishet nonsense in general. Don't be with people you don't trust or like!

@Juju Totally. If you have that little trust or respect for someone, why are you even with them? Do a favour for both of you and just break up already!

@Juju Also, TFW you live in France and kissing your friends is just a normal greeting 😂 It doesn’t say what kind of kiss! So I’d go and have coffee or something with the hot person, say hello, get the €1000, then take my partner on holiday somewhere nice!

@InvaderXan Noice! That's the best solutions! Just live in France, problem solved.
No wait, now you partner still knows they're not the hottest person!

@Juju Relationship goals would be having a partner who you can admire hot people together with!

@Juju 100% this! And TBH, I’d really hope my partner was dating me for more than just my looks anyway.

Also, jealous rages. Ugh. The biggest, reddest flag of them all.

@InvaderXan Weeeell... I'm pretty jealous because I'm insecure and hate myself and know he's out of my league. But I wouldn't say I fly into rages of any kind.
Thirsting over every single person in The Mummy with him was great, though. 😆

@Juju That’s... relatable. But as long as he reassures you frequently that you’re a delight. And honestly, thirsting over sexy people together is a recipe for a good relationship IMO!

@InvaderXan I couldn't wish for anyone better.
And if you can't thirst over the cast of The Mummy (1999) together then what are you even doing?

@Juju @InvaderXan As someone with chronic imposter syndrome when it comes to relationships... You're not out of his league, or he wouldn't be with you.

@Juju @InvaderXan I asked Spouse this. he said "well the hottest person I can think of is Reece (a guy)... and sure, I'd kiss him for $1000." this precipitated a discussion on whether "hottest person you know" means a person you actually know personally, or a person that you know of (like a movie star). then there was a digression on why Reece is hot--because he goes out of his way to make himself attractive, which while neither of us actually find that or him particularly attractive, we do agree that he is the hottest person we both know. the fact that we've practiced polyamory for the majority of our 20+ year marriage may have something to do with our reactions to this question. XD

@Juju This is a sign that you are a manipulative person and have conditioned your partner into analyzing anything you say very very carefully before answering. Possibly even googling the question (and hiding that fact).

(Not really, I just wanted to see if I could twist that answer into a negative conclusion too. It's, unsurprisingly, very trivial).

@kameleonidas This is super helpful because I am a worrier with anxiety so it's fun to now have the additional fear of being a manipulative monster. Thanks for that.

@Juju (In case it doesn't come through via text; same. Which is probably why it was so easy for me to come up with that).

@Juju It definitely took me a moment to work out how kissing the girlfriend would equal $1100, that doesn't come to mind as an option easily!

@wolfie Right? It would absolutely not have occurred to me to do math! I usually assume that when I'm given options I have to pick one and not to break the whole concept of the question.

@Juju it's manipulative crap, like all of those "tests". Don't know why one would do that (or charge for kissing, but that's another story 😄 )

@tercean I think The Youths consume too much influencer content that is to 99% staged and think that is how it's supposed to be.
Also, who would pay the money? The hot person? Some old man in a bush nearby watching you kiss people?!

@Juju Maybe it's a crowdfunding… 🤔

Those toxic tests or games come up in coming of age stories too, quite often. So maybe it's a mixture of TV and the net, ruining the youngens.

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