Okay, I'll own it. I'm objectifying and sexualizing both of them. Because Yum!

Presumably Prince Leia went into this expecting that reaction from some folks, and wouldn't have done this if he wasn't okay with it. Because really, that costume was made for that purpose and we all know it.

Hana Solo, no way to know.

(So, this time of month I'd sexualize just about anything tbh. But it's usually only blatantly kinky stuff that hits me this hard.)

@Juju welp if Halloween happens this year, I know what we're doing

@Juju Ok, I will be honest, I had half a second of “ok, there is something here that my brain was not expecting and is still trying to fully compute” before grasping it completely, and loving it!

@Juju @aurora Gotta say I'm a little disappointed he isn't wearing the top piece, but otherwise very well done. "Gender bent" cosplay like this takes a ton of talent to do well, and they nailed it

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