It's amazing how cheerleading is seen as something easy that dumb women do when it's actually so incredibly hard and full of pain.
Misogyny is wild.

"This is my fifth concussion but that's just what it takes." These girls are tough. Shit...

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@Juju Isn’t it the sporting activity with the most injuries? Like, even more than American football?

@miramarco I could believe it. And they power through it unlike (male) footballers who are babies about it.

USpol sorta 

@Juju a lot of people made fun of george w bush because he was a cheerleader at yale, but i was like, shit, dude musta been RIPPED

USpol sorta 

@Garrison Seriously! These dudes have arms like Henry Cavill AND can use them. Not like him who seems so swole that he can't even clap.

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