It's amazing how cheerleading is seen as something easy that dumb women do when it's actually so incredibly hard and full of pain.
Misogyny is wild.

"This is my fifth concussion but that's just what it takes." These girls are tough. Shit...

@Juju Isn’t it the sporting activity with the most injuries? Like, even more than American football?

@miramarco I could believe it. And they power through it unlike (male) footballers who are babies about it.

@Garrison Good lord... this is basically what I think Texas is in one screenshot.

@Juju I mean I'd have to go to the rodeo to see that scene... but still, it is seeable in Houston, America's fourth-largest city

@Juju @Garrison he just needs a gun or two and that shot is exactly my TX-related thoughts as well. (Austin was pretty cool tho)

@Garrison @Juju LOLOL welp there goes my TX-related praise. um... Houston has a world-class cancer center?? yay?

@Juju @Garrison people there also surf the wakes of oil tankers and shit, which is pretty cool and inventive imo

USpol sorta 

USpol sorta 

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