English native-speakers: "English is the hardest language on the planet! We say "read" and "read" differently sometimes!"
Everyone else:

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French has four articles, Italian has six, German has sixteen in four cases, English: "the".

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@Juju i'm just wondering if Polish might have even more…


Dutch: het, de
X: So could you tell when I have to use het and when de?
Dutch: :))))
X: ???
Dutch: :)))
X: please???
Dutch: No.

@Juju well actually we have "a" and "an" too and it's basically gut-feeling on which to use

even though people will tell you it's based on vowels that's like relying on "i before c"

honestly most of our issues is that our language is not well defined

@zoe Well actually you use "an" when it _sounds_ like a vowel, not only when there are actual vowels.

@Juju @zoe yeah, that one's a matter of 'if it slurs together when you try to say it, you need to shove a consonant in there'

@zoe @Juju so we (grman ) also got: ein, einer, einem einen,

@hausaffe @zoe And French has un and une. These are only the definitive article in all the languages.

@Juju English has a very easy syntax and is easy to make up new words. But it has atrocious spelling and imports plural cases.
You can verb any noun. Sentences are simple. But good look to beginners spelling throroroughth and speaking about more than one campus. :P


¿habla español? ¿habla francés? ¿habla aleman? El fondo es que el aprendizaje del inglés sea fácil relativamente. ¿Sabe que se inventa palabras nuevas en todos los idiomas? Y mire Quebec.

¿Pouvez Vous une langue étrangère?

If you can't, you have no business in this discussion, but hey, good job mansplaining English to someone who knows English better than 95% of the people in the thread.

@lapis I'm sorry that this came out this way, I was trying to make a joke about English spelling (but obviously failed, and I am sincerely sorry for what I actually said; I can see now how it was bad).
I'm Brazilian, and speak very little Spanish. And yes, I do find English much easier than Romance languages. I kind of missed the point of the post entirely.

(Also, those profanities are so cool)

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