@Juju this word literally describes my mood/behavior at my job.

@AudreyJune It is really the perfect word for everyone who has to deal with customers.

@Juju @AudreyJune i use this every Day and while customers never notice, a friend of Mine who visited me at work said it's downright scary when you know ne personally

@sousaphone @Juju @AudreyJune <germansplaining>I think to truly live up to the spirit of Scheißfreundlich, it is important that one is formally really friendly, but the recipient knows one is faking it. "boah, that one was really scheißfreundlich to me!"</germansplaining>

But yes, very important word!

@Juju I.. I love this word for existing. Can I marry it unless you have a better word?

@lapis I'm sure there are more cool ones but of course, as a person whose normal life this is, I can't think of one. I'll keep my eyes peeled. You can get engaged to Scheißfreundlichkeit and then call the wedding off when you find something better xD

@Juju is this used for real, though? because when i would say "this bus driver has been scheiß freundlich", i'd mean "this busdriver has been ridiculously friendly" 🤔

@tethre Correct. If he was extremely friendly but you knew he didn't mean it.

@Juju i must have confused scheißviele leute then over the course of my life 😅

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