Since dresses are easier than pants I just suggested making my nephew dresses. Let's see how my sister reacts 😆

O.O She asked if it would be a pretty dress.
I'm actually surprised that it's not an outright NO!

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And you're welcome for using hashtags so you can filter that shit :D

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I then said "I can practically hear your boyfriend say "MY SON ISN'T WEARING DRESSES!"
And she responded with a voice message of her telling him that I want to sew for the baby and how he feels about dresses and that was LITERALLY WHAT HE SAID!

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@Juju A colleague's child now wears a pink dress every day since a couple of weeks, last time I saw him with a little crown added...

He takes it off only for his taekwondo classes...

@Juju I almost bought a kilt once; I wonder how hard they are to make... :thounking:


Ooh, I want a Hawaiian-Style shirt in that color-pattern combo.

@Juju I need leggings and/or a tank top made of this right now

@Juju are you gonna start a clothing company? Because, just saying. 💸

@lapis I would love to actually :D But let me learn how to sew first :D


Apparently, dresses were stock clothing for preadolescent children of all sexes in the 19th century anglosphere.

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