Such a good video about why Stranger Things S3 sucks and how harmful Hopper's development is.
I'm still so bitter about that, ugh.

Stranger Things spoilers 

@Juju I finally got to see this video, and yes, it's really good, especially because it made me realize how strong my suspension of disbelief was when I was watching the series. Why did I not flinch when Hopper killed a bunch of Russian soldiers so nonchalantly? Why did I keep thinking that Bob was actually hiding something? Why did I expect Hopper and Joyce to end up together after all?

Stranger Things spoilers 

@miramarco I started to get comfortable with Bob in the second to last episode, fell in love and was DEVASTATED that he was killed.
I was absolutely suspicious of him as well. Men are never that nice.
And thar lovehate shit is so disgusting when you lay it out like that. I never realized how common that is in media and it sucks.

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