@Juju but are you a Nutella on white bread or a Nutella on rye / full-grain person? 😉


@tbr Nutella on everything (full-grain right now) as long as there is no butter/margarine anywhere near it.
Last time I visited my parents I found out my father puts butter under Nutella and I'm thinking about disinheriting him.

@Juju @tbr Butter under Nutella is acceptable under the following conditions (and ONLY these conditions):

1. The buttered item arrived pre-buttered or suffered a butter-related attack and no butterless substitute is available, or

2. The butter contains cannabis.

@Juju @tbr
Pfffff... you have no idea! Nutella on a thick layer of butter is the best! It has to be rich Swiss butter of course!

@attilakinali @Juju @tbr Of course. Duh! I am insulted that you even think that it needed to be said.

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