@Juju I'm screaming IRL at this recipe. This can't possibly be good, can it??

@Juju this thread is going to kill me just from screaming at the recipes

@Joshi I can't even be mad because I once looked up the definition of "salad" because I came across some non-salady recipes that were called a salad and found out that EVERYTHING CAN BE A SALAD!

@Juju Can't wait to dig into this breaded chicken salad I cooked up earlier

(it's dinosaur chicken nuggets)

@Juju Oh I see, if it's warm it's chicken nuggets, if it's cold, it's chicken salad. Okay, this is fine, then.

@Juju I don't think I can deal with warm salads tonight. That's a bridge too far.

@Juju I'm sorry, no salad is permitted to "separate" itself. Undo.

@erosdiscordia It's only four ingredients and I'm kind of tempted to try making this. I just have zero of the ingredients here, I'd have to buy them. I want to see if it ACTUALLY separates.

@Juju @erosdiscordia Same here. This looks like the kind of recipe that needs to be appreciated in real life.

It's like discovering that this long forgotten door in the basement leads to a giant system of catacombs.

@Juju @erosdiscordia For the nuts we can safely assume we are talking about unsalted peanuts. The is from a southern cookbook. I need to go shopping tomorrow. 😜

@Juju @erosdiscordia This is a chance to write culinary (well, or medical...) history!

@tsturm @Juju Do it! I'd love to see modern people's reaction to eating some of those pantry nightmares from the 50s-60s.

@tsturm @Juju My brain latched onto walnuts. They get mushy quicker, and tend to show up in all manner of demented recipes.

Truly though, no nut deserves to be subjected to this treatment.

@erosdiscordia @tsturm For some reason my mind went to hazelnuts. Possibly because those are the nuts I hate the most. 🤔

@Juju Legendary move. Think you'd actually take a bite, though?

Can't imagine orange, cheese and soda would be a great taste sensation.

@Juju I felt I was going to die just from reading it!!!

food history 

food history 

food history 

food history 

food history 

food history 

@Juju uh CW: horror or "food crimes" plz k thx. :blobcheeky:

@Juju I'm going to mix chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers together, and call it "dessert salad". It's healthy!!!!

@Aellope I mean... in the Twitter thread was a "white salad" that did have marshmallows and some other disgustig stuff xD SO YOUR JOKE IS NOT AS FUNNY AS YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING! :blobcheeky:

food crimes 

food crimes 

food crimes 

@Aellope @Juju isn't that some kind of trail mix?
For dessert salad, I recommend fruit salad instead. :P


@Juju I said on another thread about this that this recipe isn't that weird (aside from the word 'salad' being involved) when you consider that cheesecake exists and cheesecake is awesome.

If I can figure out what "1 small package" is relative to the other measurements I am totally going to make this and see what it turns into.

@Juju 1 large Coca-Cola (10 oz) stood out to me, too. Can you even get a coke that small anymore?

@Juju I just noticed "salad separates into three layers" and I think I'm going to be sick.

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