Hello there, my dear judgemental and obviously well-off and able-bodied friends of the Fediverse:
how about we stop judging people for using Google, Windows, Amazon and WhatsApp?
We all know they're bad but for some people there are no other options.
There isn't the option to spend a shitton of time and energy to try to have Linux run smoothly or to go outside to a small business to buy your headphones for a higher price than Amazon offers.
Kindly fuck off.


Appendix 1:
You know who else can kindly fuck off?
Randos who jump into your mentions to
a) lecture you without anyone asking them to
b) patronize you. Because those people aren't "judging" you for using Amazon, Julia, noooo, you stupid woman. They're "simply" making you "aware" that Amazon is bad. They are _helping_ you! Since you're clearly sheltered and didn't know, you poor thing.

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