Hello there, my dear judgemental and obviously well-off and able-bodied friends of the Fediverse:
how about we stop judging people for using Google, Windows, Amazon and WhatsApp?
We all know they're bad but for some people there are no other options.
There isn't the option to spend a shitton of time and energy to try to have Linux run smoothly or to go outside to a small business to buy your headphones for a higher price than Amazon offers.
Kindly fuck off.

Appendix 1:
You know who else can kindly fuck off?
Randos who jump into your mentions to
a) lecture you without anyone asking them to
b) patronize you. Because those people aren't "judging" you for using Amazon, Julia, noooo, you stupid woman. They're "simply" making you "aware" that Amazon is bad. They are _helping_ you! Since you're clearly sheltered and didn't know, you poor thing.

@Juju offering a nuanced take: if you have no other options, you are not to blame. but for people who *do* have other options, it's their responsibility to stop adding value to predatory systems.

less time being judgemental, more time building/empowering viable alternatives :polarbear:

@trwnh That is in essence what I was saying: use them if you have no other options.

I'm just so fed up with strange dudes coming into my mentions, trying to make me feel guilty for ordering on Amazon. Mate, I have social anxiety, I literally can't leave the house to go somewhere.

@Juju why order headphones when u can just take a flight to the manufacturer and buy it directly?

@Khaosgrille Why buy them at all? Why not recycle old kidney beans cans and build your own?

@Juju but uhhh u can even recycle these. and each bean u eat urself will not end up in the meat industrie

@Juju there is no ethical consumption under capitalism anyway. No matter where or what you buy, you're hurting someone. People need to get off their high horses.

@nachdemsturm @Juju That statement is too often used to defend supporting the worst offenders by the way.

There is no ethical consumption. But there are still differences, and sometimes those still matter a lot.

@uint8_t @nachdemsturm Can't say I appreciate being lectured at by some random person for no reason.
We all know there are nuances and I personally have a shit ton of health problems so I'm dependent on these shitty companies and I don't need anyone to make me feel more guilty than I already feel.

@Juju Sorry if it came through like that, I did not intended it as lecturing.

I'm just fed up with feeling powerless. Learned helplessness. Apathy. It really drags me down.

If you can't be an activist, that's totally okay. But advocating that no matter what you do, it does not matter at the end, because the system is stronger than us all, is damaging.

@nachdemsturm @Juju
If you need to make certain purchases (food, underpants) isn’t it better to make the least horrible choice that you can afford?
It’s not a high horse, but it’s not a pair of Nikes either.

@pwrmnstr then you don't get to be condescending with people where you don't know what they can and can't afford (and being able to shop somewhere has more nuance than price).

@Virelai I’m not being condescending - I find the “no such thing as ethical consumption” arguement really annoying because I don’t need someone making me feel guilty for buying necessities at the dollar store because that’s where my budget is at.

@pwrmnstr sorry, I didn't put that into words well. It was meant like "then people don't get to be condescending if they don't know the full picture."
It might just end up like yelling at someone with an invisible disability for parking in the disabled parking spot.

@pwrmnstr but I'm also pretty sure that the suggestion that no consumption is 100% ethical was meant to be critizing anyone, only the systen

@Virelai yeah fair I tend to get defensive as a rule because I’m a socially awkward ding dong.

@nachdemsturm @Juju "there is no ethical consumption under capitalism anyway. No matter where or what you buy, you're hurting someone. People need to get off their high horses."
This! -- Instead of shaming individual consumers for making "bad choices" within an exploitative and cruel system, we should attempt to replace (or at least improve) the exploitative and cruel system itself. Regular poor and working-class consumers are NOT in control of the economy.

@Juju people got to seriously take a step back before the load off their condescending shit into someones mentions jesus christ.

@Virelai (I wasn't even "awing" about free shipping, I was happy that Amazon finally shipped my shit. THIS WAS OUT OF NOWHERE AND FUCK HIM.)

@Juju Nope, already asking what you paid for shipping was weird, you know he was only trying to find someone he could lecture and feel superior to.

@Juju yeah... and it's not like your changing the system by paying more for shipping. Most stores offer free shipping at some value, just as a way of offering a discount. I'm pretty sure DHL etc. could pay better wages and offer better conditions if they wanted to but you know, capitalism.
Putting everything on free (for the customer) shipping sounds pretty stupid.

@Virelai @Juju

All discounts and free shipping are in fact already included in the product price. Don't feel bad about free shipping. And if at some point a huge retailer maybe trims its pure profit margin, nothing to feel bad about, either.

Also, there will always be arseholes, who will behave in the "I'm better than you" manner. That usually means that they are not so secure about their own actions. Don't waste your life and health on them.

@Juju It’s not about judging people… mostly. It’s about making them aware there are better alternatives. When you found out about the fediverse, it wasn’t because people were judging you for using birdside.

They were simply making you aware that there’s this cool, new ethical thing you may wanna try out instead.

@mareklach ok, say people from the fediverse would say "what kind of horrible person are you to still be on the birdsite?!? Never heard of the fediverse, did you?? Next time chose wisely where you make accounts" - would you feel invited to the fediverse? Would you think "Oh yeah, sounds nice, let's check it out!"?
That's what we're talking about.
We wouldn't have the same conversation if people went "Hey btw, I found a good alternative to Amazon [...], Maybe check them out"

@Virelai Schkrieg zuviel heute, Laura. Diese ganzen random Dudes auf ihren hohen Rössern, die mir dann die Intentionen von anderen random Dudes erklären wollen, anstatt mich - die dumme Frau - ernst zu nehmen, stehen mir bis HIER.

@Juju @Virelai mir ist neulich aufgefallen dass ich unterbewusst die weißen cis Männer denen ich hier folge extrem minimiere... hat schon Gründe

@breakthesystem @Virelai Ich hab das Bedürfnis, dir zu danken, dass du nicht so bist und dich bemühst, aber das sollte eigentlich selbstverständlich sein, darum mach ich's mal nicht.
Ich krieg hier heute echt zuviel.

@Juju @Virelai brauchst keine Kekse verteilen— ich hab neulich nen ganzen Kuchen fürs feminist sein bekommen. Pass lieber auf dich auf

@mareklach That's absurd. They weren't "simply making me aware" because strangers who swoop in unasked never do that. They get off by making other people feel guilty just like you, a stranger, apparently get off on patronizing other by telling yourself you're "helping" or "simply making me aware" of other people's intentions you yourself also don't know.

@Juju It’s not just about you. I can apply the same logic to myself: I found out about Mastodon because someone mentioned it on Twitter is all. Maybe it’s just my perception, and true, yours could be very different in the same situation. I am just saying that these people don’t mean to be rude, just as I don’t mean to be rude to you. In my book, intentions matter :-)

Have a nice day,

C slut reclaimed 

C slut reclaimed 


I'm sorry to hear that someone just pop up randomly and judge you (and been there, done that 😢).
Indeed other options can be harder.

There is one thing that is quite doable and still useful: don't mention amazon when you tell about your shopping, don't mention google when you talk about searching etc.

You would still get whatever you need but at least you won't support those monsters from the point of view of advertising.

Unintentional side effect: people won't be able to judge you 🤷

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