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My name is Julia, I'm 32 and I'm very annoying and angry which is not a great combination. :fingerguns:

I like , , , , (and livetooting bad books), I just got a keyboard and am learning to play that.

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia) and also physical health issues because why not, right?

I'm also fat, a plant killer and German.


I’m a big fan of homeopathy. Once I had a headache, drank a glass of water, and got better.

food, mental health 

I read "FOOD MAKES MOOD" yesterday and... true. I'm going to try to make better food but the first step is to clean the kitchen. It looks like a depressed person lives here (so weird...). In two hours I'm getting my grocery delivery and until then I want it all cleaned.

work :patreon: 

My revision is being revised by our copy editor and I can watch it in real time. It's scary but it also looks like it's going okay.

@t54r4n1 :boost_ok: Ideas for a shortcode for a 'please reply with a caption' emoji #accessibility

celebrity deaths 

Aw, Grant Imahara is dead. :blobsad:

And Naya Rivera is apparently also dead.


I just got off a video chat that lasted over eight hours. 😆

statement worthy of revoking my internet access 

During a nice (👀) conversation a cat interrupted and... cats are not even trying to convince me that they don't suck.

I've had these on for four hours now and I don't feel them anymore. So I guess, now I *do* understand how people can wear them all the time.

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It's more of a difference when one eye is completely naked and you use the lashes that are The Most.

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