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My name is Julia, I'm 32 and sometime around now is my second anniversary on Mastodon.

I like , , , , (and livetooting bad books), I just got a keyboard and am learning to play that. I also but I wouldn't say I "like" it.

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia) and also physical health issues because why not, right?

I'm also grumpy, fat, a plant killer and German.

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One day I will find out why in German a lot of documentaries and reality shows are dubbed over the English. Why not subtitles or why not turn off the English audio? No, it must be the person talking and a German over them. :blobthinkingglare:

There seems to be an Ancient Egypt marathon on TV today and I'm 100% in.

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Oh good, Goodreads is now also giving me notifications about people I don't follow, just like Twitter. Who the fuck is Larry Loftis?

Jamal is going rogue. He somehow escaped his enclosure (impossible) and then got into the tortoise one (impossible) and then just ran straight through the wall.

I've been waking up at 3:30 and not being able to fall back asleep. I'm getting through so many podcasts...

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Okay, I fought with the paths again for half an hour. Time to stop for today.

$5000 more and I can build the next habitat. Hmm, what kind of animal do I want? I have turtles and flamingos so far :D

OMG! You can now release the exhibit animals into the wild as well! YESSSSSS

There are only male flamingos on the market place! I want babies!

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in all seriousness one of the most obnoxious things about mental health is the chicken-egg problem of feeling too bad to do things that will make you feel better

I lied, I'm working more... Damn you, capitalism!

Who translated 9000 words today and is now going to do fuck all until sleepy time? This gal!

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