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My name is Julia, I'm 32 and I'm very annoying and angry which is not a great combination. :fingerguns:

I like , , , , (and livetooting bad books), I just got a keyboard and am learning to play that.

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia) and also physical health issues because why not, right?

I'm also fat, a plant killer and German.


Bebi sent me the best present.
(For non-Germans: unicorn is "Einhorn" and no is "nein")

Welp, my 9000th toot was about Sister Wives. Not surprised.

I'm being concern trolled on Twitter and it's making me a bit annoyed.

The Snake Post Office Post

A zine brought to you by your friends at The Snake Post Office.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed!

Boost this Mother Far and Wide!

20 toots to go to 9k. I wonder what it will be.
I'm assuming something between "cishet men should all be thrown into an active vulcano" and "Did you know zebra vaginas can choose to spit out semen that's not good enough?".

fatphobia, Covid-19 

But I can also hear my stomach making weird noises so let's see how long this "feeling great" will last.

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I slept so well and for more than eight hours and I'm feeling great!

Dearest Instagram,

please stop showing me ads for pregnancy tests, prenatal care, diapers, children's clothing. Which part of "I hate children and I don't want any" was unclear?

My Opinions™️ about how some English words should be pronounced are not being taken seriously and I'm mad!

I wonder if there are people who actually like those fucking tiny bows on bras.

The musical Cats bringing you amazing lines like "a cat is not a dog".


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