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Schreckschraube: a female person who is considered dreadful due to her looks, behavior and/or personality.

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Fun pronunciation fact: It's Juju as in Yooyoo, coming from Julia (Yoolia). I'm German, y'all.

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Hello and welcome!

I am:
- 31
- angry 24/7
- boring
- mentally ill :fingerguns:

I like:
- crafting
- beards
- live-tooting things I hate
- boosting the shit out of your beautiful faces

I dislike:
- dolphins (fuck those guys) :fuckdolphins:
- sea lions (both the animals and the dudes sliding into my notifications)
- humanity as a whole

I'm having a really bad mental health (and physical health, apparently) day so it's 7pm and it's fine to go to bed and read now, right?

Frankensteins's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein was really bad. 😆

Time to watch Frankenstein's Monster's Monster, Frankenstein.

Okay, I've tried everything else, let's see what happens here. I'm a 56yo IT professional currently facing age discrimination in the job market. My skills are proven and broad. I can do operations, project management, service delivery; am versed in multiple OSs, monitoring systems, ticketing platforms. I'm a technical writer and published author. I'm willing to relocate pretty much anywhere for a job that pays enough to cover my mortgage. I need employment by Sept 30. CV on request. #job #dayjob

(Note for anglophones: when I mention 'ICE' in a German toot, it's not the US agency, but InterCity Express, that is, TRAIN WHAT GO FAST)

I just spent an hour walking back and forth in front of my apartment with headphones while .
I'm really doing The Most to be That Weird Neighbor.

porn (But not really), bees 

A friend of mine is running an IG account where she (and other people) rates fries and she's doing a giveaway. 🍟

Die Sonne scheint das erste Mal seit drei Wochen und ich konnte mich ne halbe Stunde freuen bis ich plötzlich Kreislauf kriegte.
Wieso gibt's noch nicht Klonfarmen, wo man Körperteile* austauschen kann?

*den ganzen Körper, wenn wir ehrlich sind 😒

US pol 

The current book humble bundle includes language books "for dummies" for #German, #French, #Spanish and #Italian, maybe interesting to some here :)

"Die Bundeskanzlerin wird 65. Es ist der erste Geburtstag Merkels, bei dem auch das Altwerden und die Gesundheit der Kanzlerin eine Rolle spielen."

Komisch, nicht? Für Männer in politischen Positionen ist ein Alter von 65 Jahren völlig normal, da kräht kein Hahn nach.

Look who finally finished an WIP that was laying almost finished for at least one and half years!
#crochet #fibrearts

Trisha Paytas is an annoying and terrible person but "Fat Chicks", "Thick" and "I Hate My Life" are good songs. :ms_grinning:

A friend of mine has a bee hive and she just filled a huge bucket with honey. Her comment: "I don't like honey... I just want to observe them. Help!"

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