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My name is Julia, I'm 32 and I'm very annoying and angry which is not a great combination. :fingerguns:

I like , , , , (and livetooting bad books), I just got a keyboard and am learning to play that.

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia) and also physical health issues because why not, right?

I'm also fat, a plant killer and German.


Are Mary J. Blige and the hot one aliens? Why are they so weird? Should I have read the comics first? 😆

The music in is so weird. They are all bops but wow, does it feel dated. But maybe that's the point?!

I think I confused Lil Wayne and Lil Jon. There are too many Lil men.

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TFW you do a revision for a friend who is also competent. (80 is the highest score)

This is definitely proof that luck and curses and stuff are a thing and definitely not just an unreliable weather forecast.

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Three people wished me a happy birthday before my actual birthday (that's unlucky in Germany) and so instead of 23°C - like it said before that happened - it's going to feel like 39°C. (Reminder: 40°C = 104°F).

It's my birthday week and it's going to be over 30°C every day. Great... so great.

Does the world need another pop culture podcast? Because I want to start one but I also do not have any original ideas or am able to be funny to balance that out.

Welp, crushing on Sarah Schauer, I guess. She's hilarious as hell.

"dressing up like my dad and telling myself I'm not a disappointment"

personal goings-on (-) 


I abandoned and started watching the instead and their dancing is adorable.

das S-Wort, Dark 

Können die vielleicht alle mal aufhören "Spasti" zu sagen?

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This is 100% what my school looked like and I'm having terrible flashbacks. 🙁

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starts with a suicide so that feels like something I should've been told before people recommending it.

Someone from a nazi instance just well-actually-d me about Linux as well, as If I read any toot to the end that has GNU in it. 😆

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