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I'm Julia. I'm 33, a translator and I get easily annoyed by small, inconsequential things. :fingerguns:

I like , , , and just generally games you can't "win" (Sims, Animal Crossing, etc.)

I have a bunch of mental health issues (depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia) and also physical health issues because why not, right?

I'm also fat, weirdly charming - which you wouldn't expect after the first sentence - and German.

There's going to be erratic anxiety tooting from me until The Thing is over. Sorry.

Did you know listening to one song on repeat is a type of stimming?
Anyway, let's go for a seventh round with Rollin' by Limp Bizkit I guess.

I'm so stressed and anxious that I just started crying for no reason.
Just doing dishes and BOOM.
I hate it.

is so surreal because we're literally playing ourselves. Justin is the sensible old man and I'm the violent hothead.

Hey, you know what makes posts more accessible?

not writing them in one long run on word salad without any punctuation capitalization or other indication that you are moving from one idea or sentence to another or stopping and pausing for emphasis and differentiating meanings based on such cues

This advice is not only for increased accessibility for users who rely on screen readers. It also helps those who have difficulty with reading and comprehension due to a host of other reasons. Be kind.

Wouldn't mutual-only posting be grand?
So only friends can read your toots and not all those thirst followers?

alright idea: we all quit mastodon and go back to 2005 era livejournal, get ready for mood themes, multiple icons, and CURRENTLY LISTENING TO: EVANESCENCE BRING ME TO LIFE

Love is Blind spoilers for S1; (do NOT open, Justin, I'm serious) 

I'm watching the first season with Justin and it hurts me physically that I can't spoil anything. Like, I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AND HE DOESN'T AND IT'S KILLING ME!
But on the plus side, Skype is on and I can watch his reactions.
He's so certain that Giannina and Damian will never last and HNNNNNNNNNG : :dogcited:

New shirt done! Maybe a bit tight but it's Hot Girl Summer so....
(done = all the sewing is done, the thread ends still have to be dealt with... at some point)

It's a shame that I'm playing Stardew Valley with Americans and they won't fully appreciate me naming a chicken Gudrhuhn.

You can play Grounded for free for the next three days on Steam!

I have a long weekend! I CAN DO ANYTHING TODAY! Will it be productive or nah? Stay tuned.

I've ordered my first physical copy of a book in.......................... ten years? How long have I had my Kindle? Anyway. It's Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski and I'm excited to learn sexy science!

I wonder sometimes if people think my English is bad because I often say "happy end" instead of "happy ending" because that's what it is in German. Why did we steal words incorrectly? Why is it "Handy" and not "Phone"? What are we doing?!

work meeting 

Brand manager: "I didn't prepare anything, I want this to be a ~conversation~"

This is... so American 😆

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